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Are you looking for programs for Scouts, Schools, Libraries, or Birthday Parties?

Scout Merit Badge Activities – Programs that align with STEM-focused scout merit badges. Led by an experienced teacher, we can work with you to design hands-on learning activities that meet badge requirements in astronomy, electronics, radio, woodworking, and more. Private groups and schools may also book these activities.

Science-themed Parties – for adults or children from grade 3 up. Party themes include Space Science, Astronomy, Amateur Radio, Electronics, Star Wars, Battlin’Bots, Rocketry, Magic Cards, or D&D. Activities can include Launching Air-powered Paper Rockets, Planetarium Shows, making Oobleck, or making Meteorite Jewelry.

Traveling Outreach Planetarium – Schools, scout groups, after-school programs, and libraries, are welcome to request portable planetarium shows from New England Sci-Tech. Bookings depend on staff availability, planetarium availability, your room and audience size, and distance to your site.

STEM FAIR Programs – We bring the science to you! Does your school, library, or non-profit host a Science Fair, STEM Fair or Expo? Would you like New England Sci-Tech to provide an educational demo table? We generally provide our exhibits for free to libraries, fairs, and expos that are within close driving distance, if our schedule allows.

Traveling School Programs – We bring the science to you! Electronics (soldering and non-soldering), spectroscopy (gas-tubes, no flames), fossils (dinosaur eggs, teeth, bones), astronomy (telescopes), meteorites (hold rocks from outer space), orienteering (map & compasses), rocketry (build/launch air-powered rockets), and planetarium shows.

School Field TripsWe can work with you to provide a visit to our makerspace with activities that combine instruction with hands-on learning to supplement your school's curriculum. Space is limited, so trips are best suited for home school and local groups no larger than 20 students at a time that can arrive in cars or vans rather than buses.

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